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Ginchakai original confections

Ginchakai original confections by famous Ginza confectioners await you.
This year’s theme of Ginchakai is "Aya," meaning weave or pattern. The Chinese character Aya expresses the concept of this era being one where we accept the diverse intermingling of people and cultures and find harmony with each other. The confections below express the interpretations of Aya by famous Ginza confectioners. We invite you to come and try these beautiful sweets that shine with the character and skill of each well-known store.

The confections offered by famous Ginza shops at Ginchakai’s tea ceremonies will be sold at Meika Ippin in Matsuya Ginza.
Introducing the collection of sweets decorated with this year's theme, "Aya."
Enjoy these premium confections that shine with the character and skill of each noted confectioner.

Sale period

①Available on Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26 by prior reservation only.

Please place your reservation in store at Meika Ippin or by phone (03-3567-1211 - main line) on or before Tuesday, October 15.

②Same day sales: Sunday, October 27

Note 1:On sale from 12:00 p.m. for both ① and ②.
Note 2: There is a limited quantity. While stocks last.

[Location] Meika Ippin in Matsuya Ginza on floor B1


What is “Yappa Ginza da Be?”

Ginchakai supports the recovery efforts for the Great East Japan and Kumamoto Earthquakes!
Yappa Ginza da Be was launched to support mutual exchange between manufacturers and stores of areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake and brands and well-established stores in Ginza through local specialty goods, craftsmanship, and expertise. This is a project that creates opportunities for developing new products, services and menus through mutual learning.
Ginchakai collaborates with the "Yappa Ginza da Be" East Japan Reconstruction Support Project to deliver Japanese sweets from the Tohoku region and Kumamoto.Enjoy the delicious regional flavors.