[About tea ceremony]

Ginchakai original confections

Every year sweets are created by famous Ginza shops specially for Ginchakai.
This year's theme is Hana, meaning ‘flower.’
Please see and try elaborate confections made by each shop together with the tea.

Yappa Ginza da Be

What is “Yappa Ginza da Be?”

Yappa Ginza da Be was launched to support mutual exchange between manufacturers and stores of areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake and brands and well-established stores in Ginza through local specialty goods, craftsmanship, and expertise. This is a project that creates opportunities for developing new products, services and menus through mutual learning.
Ginchakai collaborates with the "Yappa Ginza da Be" East Japan Reconstruction Support Project to deliver sweets from the Tohoku region. This year there will also be sweets from Kumamoto in order to support recovery from the Kumamoto earthquakes. Enjoy the delicious regional flavors.